Resources for Internet Newbie to Make Money Online
Dear fellow internet newbie,

My name is Sky Yeh. I've been making money on the internet for over ten years so far.
If you are considering to make money on the internet from home, then here I will show you
how to get started and save your time and money as well.
You might think that you must have a website or blog to get started, but here I will show you
how to start making money without your own website or blog.
Check the following steps to start your online money-making journey. :)

STEP 1. Join Affilate Programs
Affilaite Programs. Websites that pay you commissions for bringing customers to buy their products or services.
So you don't need to have your own products for making money.
Here's a list of my favorite affilaite programs that are paying me month after month:
STEP 2. Join PTC Sites
PTC Sites. Get paid to view Ads. Websites that pay you to view ads.
You will get paid not only for your own views, but the views of all your referrals!
Just 30 Minutes a day, that will earn you some real money! :)
Here's a list of my favorite PTC sites that pay me day after day:
STEP 3. Join Paid Surveys
Paid Surveys. Your get paid to take surveys.
You will get paid to take surveys!
Just 30 Minutes a day, that will earn you some real money! :)
Here's a list of my favorite Paid Survey sites that pay me day after day:
Get Cash for Surveys
Paid Surveys at Home
Paid Social Media Jobs
STEP 4. Join Traffic Exchange Websites
As mentioned above, you earn commisions from referrals, no matter affilaite programs or PTC websites.
So you need referrals and customers! And how to get referrals for FREE?
Traffic exchange websites. You see people's Ads, and people see your Ads.
Usually I spend about 30 minutes a day to surf to get people to view my websites.
Here's a list of my farovite traffic exchange websites:
Traffic G
Smiley Traffic
Traffic Splash
STEP 5. Submit Your Ads to Classified Boards
Classified Boards. The boards that Your can post your text or banner ads.
Here's a list of my favorite Classified Boards that bring me customers every day:
STEP 6. E-mail Marketing (Advanced)
E-mail Marketing. Promote your biz via e-mail.
The E-mail Ad is still the most responsive marketing campaign.
Here's a list of my favorite email marketing websites:
Safe Mail Services
Mega Money Emails
STEP 7. Marketing Strtegies (Advanced)
Learn more internet marketing strategies from the internet Millionaires.
Here's a list of marketing courses I got involved:
Trust Jacker
Google Sniper
Affiliate Marketing System
Affiliate Marketing Training Portal
Google Sniper
Make Money with Jamie
STEP 8. Create Your Own Online Store (Advanced)
Once you got traffic and customers, you may want to create your own online store...
Here's a list of online stores that you can join to sell:
Health in a Box
Salehoo WholeSale Sources
My Online Empires
Work From Home with Google
STEP X. Free Forex & Binary Options APP. (Investing)
If you got budgets and you are interested in Forex or Binay option trading,...
then this is your chance to earn BIG on auto-pilot!
Here's a list of great softwares and Apps that help you make money automatically:
Push Money APP
Copy Buffett
1K Daily Profit

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